Best Virtual Data Rooms Providers

To create a reliable, safe, and convenient database of all documents of the organization, it is enough to implement specialized data room software. In this article, we will analyze the best data room provider in the business segment.

What problems does the data room solve?

Modern business is completely built on contractual relationships. Contracts must be taken into account, their content must be controlled, and their execution must be ensured. With a small volume of deals, the company can manage with “manual” accounting, however, when a certain number of contracts is reached or the organization is enlarged, the issue of automating the maintenance of contracts becomes very acute.

Virtual data room is a professional tool that provides efficient management of business processes in an organization. For more optimal and comfortable work on modeling and monitoring business processes, convenient mechanisms have been developed.

This software solution includes the next features:

  • capturing and converting documents;
  • collaboration management;
  • long-term storage of documents;
  • ensuring files integrity;
  • delivery information.
  • Deal workflow in a data room

    The work of any organization is based on business processes: preparation and approval of documents, servicing orders, fulfilling orders, discussing proposals, meetings, etc. Data room automates business processes of varying complexity. Information and tasks are transferred from one process participant to another following the configured rules.

    The software allows you to organize work with electronic critical-business documents, including their creation, modification, search. Also, systems simplify the interaction between employees and contractors in the framework of the workflow by automating the transfer of documents, issuing tasks, sending notifications, etc.

    Deal stages can be linked to business processes that will be automatically launched when a certain stage is reached. Each user of the system can create a task by indicating in its card the executors (deal route), the due date, as well as the accompanying text, which contains the necessary instructions and explanations for the task.

    One of the main sections in the data room collaborative software is the "Contractor Database", which stores information about all the counterparties added to the system. It can create several types of contractors, with completely individual interfaces, their own set of attributes, and their unique business processes. A flexible search system, as well as the ability to save configurations of received requests into "filters", allows you to get access to the necessary counterparties in a matter of moments. Also implemented is the ability to display in the interface of the counterparty card information about the tasks, documents, transactions, relationships, and other objects of the system related to it. A properly organized sales funnel allows you to analyze sales dynamics and control planned receipts.

    What are the best data room vendors?

    We invite you to get acquainted with the best data room systems of 2022 that provide a wider range of business opportunities than narrowly focused electronic document management solutions and are considered as the next stage in the evolution of systems in this class. Listed below are the most popular data room solutions offered by world-known vendors, and information about which is publicly available. They are:

    1. iDeals
    2. Merrill Data Room.
    3. Intralinks
    4. Firmex
    5. ShareVault
    6. BrainLoop
    7. Securedoxs
    8. Digify
    9. Netflies
    10. Onehub.

    So, the overview of the latest technologies will allow you to choose the most effective option that best suits your business.