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Data Room Training

Become certified in Virtual Data Room (VDR) technology

The passport to an accelerated career in financial services

Learn the what, why, and how of virtual data rooms (VDR) – and get ahead of the others.

VDR foundation

Working with virtual data rooms is a big part of a career in financial services. So, knowing what they are, why you need them, and how to navigate them can mean the difference between being first or last. Whether you’re an individual or a business.

Our training course, with a certificate as needed, teaches the fundamentals of virtual data rooms so recent graduates, interns, or new joiners can hit the ground running. 

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    For Individuals

    Whether a recent graduate, intern, or new joiner, understanding virtual data room technology can put you ahead of your peers.

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    For Business

    Make our virtual data room training and certification program part of your onboarding process. We deliver practical skills to your new hires based on best practice and 50+ years of industry experience.

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    For Universities

    Preparing students with practical training in the tools they'll use makes that preparation more complete. This also allows your students to stand out and get a head start on their careers.

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Additional resources

  • Data Room Overview

    High-level summary of Virtual Data Room (VDR) technology.

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