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Elevate pipeline management

Savvy yet simple tools to manage your acquisition targets and deal documents. Centrally organize all your contacts, Confidential Information Memoranda (CIMs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), meeting notes, and more. Track, analyze and report progress effortlessly.

Take charge of due diligence

Import your due diligence checklist. Guide your sellers to easily upload documents. Conduct a risk assessment through Findings. Manage teams through custom dashboards.

Create scalable processes

Define and evolve your diligence request list. Standardize folder structures, workstreams, and task lists. Create and automatically distribute custom reports. Execute consistently.

Auditable portfolio management

Share term sheets, Private Placement Memoranda (PPMs), pitch books, Limited Partnership Agreements (LPAs) and other fund documents. Track engagement.

Save everything

Create an indexed and searchable archive directly from any Diligence or Acquire project. Datasite Archive provides a legally defensible snapshot of a project. Be ready for your next deal.

Premium service

SaaS should stand for “software AND service.” Experienced service professionals are available 24/7/365 at no additional charge and fluent in more than 20 languages.

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Full spectrum of transactions

  • Colleagues using Datasite's online data room during a discussion

    The sell-side M&A process is more than just loading documents into a data room. Much more. Datasite was designed to manage all of your challenges.

  • Buy-side

    Take control of the entire buy-side diligence process with Datasite. Make decisions faster and move past closure to integration quicker than ever.

  • Coworkers enjoying a cup of coffee while talking about Datasite's VDR for M&A

    Datasite is the ideal platform to facilitate private placements of equity and debt, public offerings, and secured and unsecured loan transactions.

  • Colleagues looking at a tablet screen displaying Datasite's data room for mergers and acquisitions
    Secure Repository

    Datasite not only helps you prepare for diligence but manage the processes that surround that diligence. And hold that data securely afterwards.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    Datasite enables fast and efficient drafting of SEC-required documentation while effectively managing a simultaneous sell-side process.

  • Colleagues using Datasite's online data room to solve a problem

    Whether you are shedding a few assets or engaged in a more complex workout, Datasite helps manage all aspects of your restructuring process.

  • Coworkers looking at a tablet displaying Datasite's due diligence data room

    Streamline the process of fundraising with Datasite. All within a single platform.

  • Coworkers discussing Datasite's virtual data room on their way to a meeting

    Companies are relying on Datasite to save time, minimize risks, and gain more control over the licensing process.

Who chooses Datasite?

Datasite's secure data room client KKR's logo
  • Using Datasite for exit readiness, we shrink by 20% the amount of time it would normally take using email, attached files and a folder system.

    Vice President, major private equity firm

  • The tracker tool was an absolute time saver – probably the most appreciated feature from the entire team. […] It really helped with structuring the flow of information.

    Roman Zelinsky, Managing Partner, Paradigm Equity Partners

  • Using Datasite Acquire has translated into 30–40% time savings for us, our portfolio companies, and our sellers.

    Associate, Private Equity Firm

  • The value of the platform is immense. Even with something as basic as searching, we can save upwards of 20% which adds up quickly.

    Associate, Large Cap Private Equity Firm

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