For initial public offerings (IPO)

Supporting you through the IPO journey

Hit your deadlines

Assess progress instantly. Dashboards present the status of your request lists in real-time. Sharpen oversight by tracking the activity of every regulator, law firm, underwriter, or consultant.

Consolidate and collaborate

Consolidate request lists in one place. Enable real-time collaboration and workstream progress tracking. Use @mentions to guide review. Create findings from underlying documents.

Find what you need

Lean on AI-enabled auto-categorization, document previews, and in-app document translation. Miss nothing with OCR search down to the character level.

End-to-end security

Security is why dealmakers use Datasite. We look after your data so that you can focus on your deal. Rigorous security standards are embedded at every level: platform, processes, and people.

Save everything

Create an indexed and searchable archive directly from any Diligence or Acquire project. Datasite Archive provides a legally defensible snapshot of a project. Be ready for your next deal.

Premium service

SaaS should stand for “software AND service.” Experienced service professionals are available 24/7/365 at no additional charge and fluent in more than 20 languages.

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Full spectrum of transactions

  • Capital Raises

    Extend your team. Add professional polish and help yourself at the same time. 24/7/365 and in more than 20 languages.

  • Investors having a conversation about work and Datasite's online data room

    From SPAC formation to finding the business you need to fulfill it, you'll find all the tools you need here. And, when it comes to the de-SPAC process, your data room is already ready to go.

  • Dual-Track Process

    M&A auction or initial public offering – pursue all exit strategies seamlessly with integrated data room tools that keep information secure while making collaboration effortless.

  • Regulatory Comms

    Dealing with SEC, Company House or a bourse? Streamline communications via your data room, meet any global standard, and track every engagement.

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