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Why choose Datasite Diligence for your data room needs

Dive into due diligence with complete confidence
Load content easily

Drag and drop files or folders into Datasite. Enable select users to email files to the project via Inbox. Our bulk edit tools make it quick and easy to prepare your content.

Access & collaborate

Manage request lists directly within the data room. Give your workstreams the ability to directly upload and organize content or simply access relevant deal documents.

Integrated Q&A

Set up workflow, roles, and categories, quickly and easily. Elevate common questions and responses to the FAQ section. Easily export everything to Excel.

Upgrade your redaction

Easily and confidently manage redactions. Find all instances of a word across the data room. Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) find all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for you. Un/Mark text or areas. Categorize redaction reasons.

Search in 16 languages

With our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, get accurate search results no matter what the language of the document.

Track engagement

Watch activity and behavior - down to the individual page. Drill into detail with near real-time reporting. Add custom dashboards, schedule and send automatically.

All the tools you need


Track deal progress from every angle

Search / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Transform data into actionable information


Consolidate your Excel checklists


Redact (and unredact) with confidence


Bring order to a cumbersome process


Keep things moving while on the go

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What to look for in a diligence data room

You need more than just a way to exchange documents. You need smart tools such as AI-enhanced redaction. You need an integrated Q&A tool with advanced workflow features. You need a defensible source of truth. You need Datasite Diligence.

All this plus Datasite Assist

Every project comes with proactive assistance at no extra cost. Get practical help with everything from optimizing your data room to meeting your deadlines. Rely on regular input from your Project Pro. And call on 50+ years of dealmaking expertise, available 24/7/365 in 20+ languages. Just tap, type, or talk.

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Why Datasite is a trusted partner

Discover how other dealmakers have succeeded with Datasite Diligence
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  • Being able to redact 40% faster with Datasite vs. our previous manual approach enabled us to hit our go-live deadlines.

    Deputy Director of M&A, OTE Group

  • We went from bid to close in 21 days, and could not have done it without the efficiency of Datasite Diligence.

    Frank Rizza, Co-Head of Sales & Account Management, Aite-Novarica Group

  • Datasite offers a high level of efficiency. You can track which documents investors are seeing and interacting with. The layout, design, and UI are very efficient. The investors’ feedback was that it was very easy to use.

    Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO, Bambu

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    Getting started with Datasite Diligence

    October 31, 2023 | Brochure

  • Datasite Diligence Feature Map

    October 31, 2023 | Brochure

  • Technology plus humanity: How Datasite enabled IPO, CRA, and debentures processes

    October 19, 2023 | Case Study

Frequently asked questions

What is Datasite Diligence?

Datasite Diligence is the data room where due diligence happens. Capitalize on the latest technology to make the best deals possible. With machine learning models, trained on more than 3 million documents, you’re already ahead of the game. Close more transactions, faster. And complete deals with confidence. Due diligence doesn’t get in the way with Datasite Diligence. 

How does Datasite Diligence support my deal lifecycle?

Datasite Diligence lets you execute due diligence more quickly.  It allows you to automate many manual parts of deal preparation and due diligence. Load and organize content faster, streamline the Q&A stage, and track engagement all easily and quickly.  

Do I need training to use Datasite Diligence?

Not at all. Treat yourself to a seamless user experience, and an intuitive interface. You’ll be uploading and organizing files in no time – even if you’re a first-time user. Should you hit any problems, reach out to our expert product support specialists. They’ll get you back on track straight away.

What do I need to access Datasite Diligence?

Make deals wherever you like. Datasite is device and browser agnostic. It’s a secure web-based app that works on Windows machines or on a Mac.  Keep your deal moving using Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.  You can also download the Datasite mobile app and manage your deal on you iOS or Android device. 

How do I start a new Datasite Diligence project?

Sign a statement of work and we’ll assign a Datasite project manager to your data room project right away. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready for initial document upload. Set permissions, invite users, and you’re away.

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