Datasite Archive™

Preserve and protect your project data

Why choose Datasite Archive for your compliance needs

Easily accessible, legally defensible, completely searchable
Easy to create

Create an archive directly from any Datasite Diligence or Datasite Acquire project. Archives ready in minutes. Take snap-shots of your projects throughout your process.

Easy to use

Navigate an Archive just like any Datasite Diligence or Datasite Acquire project. All documents are indexed and searchable. Download a comfort letter.

Fully compliant

Datasite Archive provides a legally defensible snapshot of a project. All project content is frozen at the point of archive creation and includes full audit information.

Start a new project

Be ready for your next deal when the time is right. Use Datasite Archive content to populate any Datasite Diligence, Datasite Acquire, or Datasite Prepare project.

All the tools you need

Search / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Transform data into actionable information


Keep things moving while on the go

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What to look for in an archival data room

You need more than just a download of a data room. You need to be prepared to store transactional data long after closing. You need to maintain the chain-of custody. You need to prove the integrity of the data. You need Datasite Archive.

Desktop display showing Datasite Acquire™, a data room for mergers and acquisitions

All this plus Datasite Assist

Every project includes round-the-clock assistance at no extra cost. Find answers at your fingertips via the Datasite Assist portal, packed with FAQs, how-to guides, tutorial videos, articles and more. And call on 50+ years of dealmaking expertise, available 24/7/365 in 20+ languages. Just tap, type, or talk.

Datasite virtual data room user accessing Datasite Assist at his desk via a desktop computer

Who chooses Datasite?

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Frequently asked questions

What is Datasite Archive?

Datasite Archive lets you take a perfect snapshot of your data room at the end, or at any point throughout, to retain a permanent record of your project. Search and browse as easily as a live project. Keep materials from one deal to use with subsequent transactions.​

How does Datasite Archive Support my deal lifecycle?

Take a snapshot of your deal room anytime you need.  Ensure you have a copy of your project before you launch – should you need it.  Provide bidders a snapshot of the project that is legally defensible.  See and access all your previous projects all in Datasite – no need to hunt for USB drives, or other physical media.  

Do I need training to use Datasite Archive?

Not at all. Treat yourself to a seamless user experience, and an intuitive interface. You’ll be uploading and organizing files in no time – even if you’re a first-time user. Should you hit any problems, reach out to our expert product support specialists. They’ll get you back on track straight away.

What do I need to access Datasite Archive?

Make deals wherever you like. Datasite is device and browser agnostic. It’s a secure web-based app that works on Windows machines or on a Mac. You can keep your deal moving using Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

How do I start a new Datasite Archive project?

Sign a statement of work and we’ll assign a Datasite product support specialist to your project right away. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready for initial document upload. Set permissions, invite users, and you’re away.

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