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The first data room built for acquisitions

Why choose Datasite Acquire for your data room needs

Steer your buy-side due diligence with tools made especially for you
Consolidate checklists

Trackers centralizes all your diligence checklists. Upload a ready-made checklist or reuse a past template. Set permission controls for your trackers, down to the row.

Control access intuitively

Give your target access to directly upload and organize relevant deal documents. Quickly and easily set permissions on what your workstreams can access.

Manage buyer-led Q&A

Establish question and answer teams, create filterable question categories, set approval workflows, and collaborate on the go using the mobile app.

Minimize diligence surprises

Boost transparency and accelerate risk-assessment. Evidence risks directly from a document. Visualize status from the dashboard.

Analyze progress in a dash

Get real-time team updates and create custom reports. Track project activity and analytics at the document, user, or workstream level.

Track deals on the go

With our mobile app, follow your buy-side deal with trackers. Send links to findings. Manage users and Q&A - all from the palm of your hand.

All the tools you need


Track opportunities from every angle

Search / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Transform data into actionable information


Consolidate your Excel checklists


Assess and action identified risks


Bring order to a cumbersome process


Keep things moving while on the go

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What to look for in a buy-side data room

You need more than just a way to exchange documents. You need a way to manage your checklists and task lists. You need an integrated Q&A tool with advanced workflow features. You need a defensible source of truth. You need Datasite Acquire.

All this plus Datasite Assist

Every project comes with proactive assistance at no extra cost. Get practical help with everything from optimizing your data room to meeting your deadlines. Rely on regular input from your Project Pro. And call on 50+ years of dealmaking expertise, available 24/7/365 in 20+ languages. Just tap, type, or talk.

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Why Datasite is a trusted partner

Discover how other dealmakers have succeeded with Datasite Acquire
  • What [Datasite Acquire] saves us on the backend is how much lost time you have amongst all your different functional areas. […] If those people are interacting in a more efficient manner, that can save you a lot of money. I do think that the efficiencies you gain will offset your investment in this product.

    Jarrod Brinker, Chief Strategy Officer, Southern Home Services

  • Datasite Acquire is so helpful to our process. We’ve saved 20% or more in time by creating an efficient, repeatable way to conduct buy-side reviews across the whole deal team.

    Director of Corporate Business Development, Fortune 500 Company

  • Our stated goal was to find a sharper, more purpose-built tool for our needs as a buyer and I think we found it.

    Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Middle-Market Healthcare Services

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Frequently asked questions

What is Datasite Acquire?

Datasite Acquire is the world’s first data room built for acquisitions. For buy-side transactions, trust the due diligence software that puts you as the buyer in control. Steer due diligence with tools made especially for the buy side – like our trackers, dashboard, and findings tools. Create your own deal space, invite sellers in, and cut deal times by an average of 30%. 

How does Datasite Acquire support my deal lifecycle?

With Datasite Acquire, run your deals the way you want. Avoid the delays and errors that arise from inexperienced sellers. Collaborate seamlessly and securely with easy-to-use acquire software. Automate laborious processes, track all workflows, and get questions answered fast. Mastermind every acquisition, so you can close your deal faster and focus on your next opportunity.

Do I need training to use Datasite Acquire?

Not at all. Treat yourself to a seamless user experience and an intuitive interface unlike other data rooms. Features like our easy-to-use trackers tool equip you with a due diligence data room checklist to jumpstart your transaction. You, your deal team, and your sellers will be ready to go quickly – even first-time users. Should you hit any problems, reach out to our expert product support specialists. They’ll get you back on track straight away.

What do I need to access Datasite Acquire?

In today’s M&A landscape, you need to make deals wherever you like. Datasite is device and browser agnostic. Our data rooms reside in a secure web-based app that works on Windows machines or on a Mac. Keep your deal moving using Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. You can also download the Datasite mobile app and manage your deal on your iOS or Android device. 

How do I start a new Datasite Acquire project?

Sign a statement of work, and we’ll assign a Datasite project manager to your project right away. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready to access the most trusted data room and due diligence software. Set permissions, invite users, and you’re away.

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